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Kopstal-Bridel Chapter

Our Chapter – CSV Kopstal-Bridel

The ComiTTEE

The committee of a local CSV chapter is made up of at least three elected members. (The councillors, deputies and ministers of a chapter are automatically members of the committee by virtue of their mandate. In addition, there are two representatives from each organisation of the CSJ, the CSF and the seniors). The committee is the executive board of a local chapter and must abide by the decisions of the general assembly. The committee elects from among its members a president, a secretary, a treasurer and up to two vice-presidents. It organises and coordinates the work and activities of a local chapter. The committee represents the CSV in the commune and is responsible for liaising with the CSV in the circonscription, as well as the general secretariat.

We are represented on all commissions by a maximum of four members.

This is us …

President: Raoul Weicker

Secretaries: Anaïs Sara Rastegar, Max Didier

Vice-presidents: Sylvie Arendt, Tom Schor

Treasurer: Ivana Santin

Members: Léon Glodt, Touraj Rastegar, Thierry Schuman, Jean-Pierre Staus, Chloé Vaudois

Co-opted members : Jennifer Bintener, Simone Hédo ép. De Bourcy, Véronique Scheer, Olivier Meyers

Website manager : Raoul Weicker

Facebook page managers : Anaïs Sara Rastegar, Raoul Weicker

Bank account of the local chapter

CSV Kopstal-Bridel

CCPL LU48 1111 0896 4113 0000